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Djer Kiss - Kerkoff Heritage & History

  This compact is widely admired as the epitome of Djer Kiss - Art Nouveau. The highly collectible Art Nouveau 1925 Djer Kiss "Kissing Fairies" silver plated compact duo. This case signaled the end of the Rowland-Smith Fairy themed compact case for Djer Kiss (pronounced "dear kiss") who were moving from Art Nouveau to the more en vogue Art Deco. Almost as soon as this vanity was produced it was considered old fashioned, which is good news for collectors as it had relatively short production run. It is a highly collectible antique compact rouge. Superbly well made as you can feel by its weight - an exquisite antique compact! In fact the weight of the case, how much space it...

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Richard Hudnut Compacts & Heritage

Richard Hudnut studied at The Brooklyn Collegiate & Polytechnic Institute which was essentially a finishing school for young gentlemen.  It would safe to assume that some part of his education was pharmacy as he was the eldest son & he followed Alexander into that business. When Richard was eighteen years old he began working for his father & for seven years he learned every aspect of this business, starting at the bottom. Either he or his father realised the huge potential for growth the perfume & vanity business offered. It was noticed that many French perfume houses (Rigaud & LT Piver) were selling well in America & naturally the Hudnuts wanted a slice of the action too. Both father &...

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The History of Evans Case Company

The Evans Case Company of North Attleboro, MA was a huge concern making accessories in America. Manufacturing between 1920 and 1960. If you study Evans cases over those forty years you will see the evolution of vanities. Colonel Obed Robinson who was a skilled blacksmith & clock maker began a jewellery / jewelry business in Attleboro in 1807. The 1812 war meant that soldiers needed buttons & so production was changed to suit this purpose. The Colonel & his son, Otis, are credited with starting America’s first button making concern. As you can imagine button making was a very necessary business & their firm became a huge thriving business & the area was at one time named Robinsonville. In 1848...

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History of Art Nouveau Silver

Art Nouveau style was first seen in the early 1800s & was gone by the time WWI began. Art Nouveau graced city spaces, public buildings & also the homes of the wealthy throughout Europe & America. From 1820 to 1890 French silver was dominated by what can be described best as ‘eclecticism’ an infusion of influences of all the 19th century styles from the Neo-classical forms to the florid, extravagant styles which culminated in the Art Nouveau Spectacular Naturalism where nature & art make you almost forget the materials used like the door at La Maison Laviroette. It is as though the form becomes more important that the materials used. Art Nouveau captures the attention like no other movement, not...

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Zenette Compacts & History

The brand name Zenette was owned by the Collins family - C.H.Collins & Sons Ltd of Hockley Hill, Birmingham, England. The company was in operating from the first decade of the 20th Century. At the British industries Fair of 1929 they were listed as manufacturers of “Collar studs, sleeve links, ...powder boxes & compacts.” From the mid 1920s to 1940 Zenette branded compacts were often highly stylized Art Deco designs. Some of the most beautiful Art Deco powder compacts made from non-precious metal were Zenette. Records show that the Company was still operating in the 1960s but by then the style of powder compact has changed to a ‘modern’ shape. No longer loose powder compacts. If you were to ask...

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