Antique and collectible history / Information About Antique & Vintage Powder Compacts

Early Vintage Stratton Queen Convertible Powder Compact

How The Stratton "Queen" Model Evolved To Be The "Queen Convertible"

The earliest Stratton Queen Convertible models were a little deeper in appearance. The interior cases were fitted with inner annular rings but these were of a different style than those fitted in the later models. They appear to cover less of the powder well.
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Houppette Pli Antique Powder Puff

History Of Houppette Pli, Advertisements, Patents & Patent Drawings

The retractable powder puffs known as Houppette Pli were patented designs attributed to Leon Svirsky and Alexandre Willk. 

The advertisement shown above depicts the Houppetti Pli and other vanities which Willk marketed.





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Vintage Stratton Brand Presentation Boxes And Puffs

Vintage Stratton Brand Presentation Boxes And Puffs

Sometimes we see listings where the merchant states that the Stratton compact is presented in the original box. On occasions these Stratton brand vanities date to the 1950s and the “original box” dates to the 1980s! 

The following information has been compiled to show the wide variety of Stratton brand presentation boxes and puffs.

However, this brand was so long lived this may not be a complete guide. 

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All About Celluloid Vanities & Collectibles - History, Values & More!

All About Celluloid Vanities & Collectibles - History, Values & More!

This post will answer these questions:

1. What is Celluloid? 

2. Who invented Celluloid  - when & how?

3. Are Celluloid powder compacts and accessories valuable?

4. How can I find the value of my Celluloid collectibles?

5. Where can I find vintage & antique Celluloid powder compacts?

6. How should I store Celluloid items?

7. How can I tell if an item is made from Celluloid?

8. How do I clean Celluloid accessories?



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