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Houppette Pli Antique Powder Puff

History Of Houppette Pli, Advertisements, Patents & Patent Drawings

The retractable powder puffs known as Houppette Pli were patented designs attributed to Leon Svirsky and Alexandre Willk. 

The advertisement shown above depicts the Houppetti Pli and other vanities which Willk marketed.





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International Silver Co

Watrous Manufacturing Co. The Twinette Vanity Case And The International Silver Company

The International Silver Company operated from 1898–1983. The company was also styled as ISC. The company was formed Meriden, Connecticut.

At one time this business was the largest company in the world specialising in the production of silverware.

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Victor Mayer Faberge Workmaster

The History Of Victor Mayer Jewellery And The Fabergé Connection

Victor Mayer was born in 1857. His portrait is courtesy of Victor Mayer GmbH & Co KG Pforzheim. He trained as a steel engraver and also as an artist. In 1877 he commenced his studies at the Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts. It was during his studies at this institution he became known as a highly talented draughtsman. Whilst studying in Vienna he also worked as an engraver to pay for his tuition. His training involved perfecting the art of guilloche engraving and enamelling. He was to become one of the finest jewellers of his time. 
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Art Deco Silver Compact Mirrors & Cigarette Cases

Art Deco Silver Compact Mirrors & Cigarette Cases

Hallmarked silver Art Deco powder compacts and cigarette cases are some of the most stylish to be seen. They are highly collectible and many could be said to be a good investment. We like to add to our collection of Art Deco compacts and cases and research the history of each item which we pass on to the purchaser in the form of a lavishly illustrated historical fact pack.
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Bonfils Woodblock

The Art Deco Movement & Art Deco Compact Mirrors

Whilst the Art Deco style did not just appear in 1925, this is when one of the most stylish design movements ever began to be celebrated at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratif in Paris, 1925. This exhibition is probably the most famous World’s Fair. It ran from April to October 1925. Inventors, architects, artists, fashion designers & artisans came together to change the way design was perceived. 

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C. H. Collins & Sons Ltd. Jewellers Zenette Powder Compacts

C. H. Collins & Sons Ltd. Zenette Powder Compacts History And Patents

The brand name Zenette was owned by the Collins family. Their business was styled as C.H. Collins & Sons Ltd. This post includes the inventors names, patents, patent drawings and history relating to this firm.

At the British industries Fair of 1929 they were listed as manufacturers of “Collar studs, sleeve links, ...powder boxes & compacts.”

From the mid 1920s to 1940 Zenette branded compacts were often decorated with highly stylized Art Deco designs.

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