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The Inventor Sahatiel Mandalian His Mandalian Brand Mesh Bags, History And Patents

The Inventor Sahatiel Mandalian His Mandalian Brand Mesh Bags, History And Patents

The owner of Mandalian Mfg. Co. was a Turkish man named Sahatiel Garabad Mandalian.  Mandalian was a prolific inventor with many patented designs registered to him. He emigrated from Turkey to the United States of America in 1898. In 1906 Mandalian entered into partnership with Eugene A. Hawkins. At this time the firm was known as Mandalian & Hawkins. On November 7 1912 the partners applied to patent a machine for making coat of mail fabric. The inventor was George Gos.
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Whiting & Davis History & Patents

A Complete History Of Whiting & Davis



This post will give you answers to these questions:

1. When was the Whiting & Davis Manufacturing Company formed?

2. Who formed the company?

3. When was the making of mesh purses and accessories automated?

4. Who invented these machines?

5. What are Dresden / Baby Fine mesh purses?

This post includes:

Patent numbers of Whiting & Davis machines and jewellery designs.

Patent drawings & descriptions of Whiting & Davis Manufacturing Company machines and designs and also of those owned by Wade Davis & Company, the company that preceded them.











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Antique Sterling Silver Ripley & Gowan Mesh Purse

Our Favourite Antique And Vintage Mesh Purses

Here at The Vintage Compact Shop we are probably best known for our fine collection of compact mirrors & handbag compacts. What you may not know is that we also have a wide variety of vintage handbags and purses in our collection as well. We are big fans of fine mesh purses as well as enamel and French chatelaine coin purses. 
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