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Victorian Alfred Ivory Solid Gold Locket

A Brief History Of Goldsmith Alfred Ivory, Cellini & Elizabethan Pattern Work

During the Victorian era the refined tastes of royalty, nobility and the well heeled expected the finest gold & silversmiths in the United Kingdom to craft superbly ornamented jewellery & silverware. These pieces are so well made and beautiful that they are still highly prized and sought-after in the 21st century. The desire for superbly ornamented pieces expressed itself in the popularity of Cellini & Elizabethan pattern work. 
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Victorian Era Catalogue Page Of Curb Link Bracelets

Victorian Era Curb Bracelets History And Catalogue Images

HM Queen Victoria was a trend setter. Whatever she wore, whether it be clothing or jewellery, the ladies of the Royal Court copied, as did many noble ladies and the wealthy women of the United Kingdom.

HM Queen Victoria wore a gold enamel & diamond curb charm bracelet constantly.

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G.E. Walton & Co. Ltd. Gold Locket

G.E. WALTON & CO. LTD. Jeweller, Gold & Silversmith

By the late Victorian era this firm was described as one of the largest watch-key and gold & silver chain makers in the world. At this time it employed as many as 300 highly skilled workers. The company manufactured patented goods for other businesses. For example Birch’s patent watch keys and also other brands of watch keys.
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History And Patents Of W H Collins Manufacturing Jeweller & Goldsmith

History And Patents Of W H Collins Manufacturing Jeweller & Goldsmith

The trade advertisement above shows that the firm was patenting their inventions from the Victorian era. 
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Solid Gold Antique Lockets By Albert Ernest Jenkins

The Fabulous Antique Gold Keepsake Lockets Of Albert Ernest Jenkins

The goldsmith known as Albert Ernest Jenkins is one of our favourite locket makers. His superior quality lockets are among the finest we have seen and yet despite the presence of his finely wrought lockets, he remains a mystery.
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Early Vintage Stratton Queen Convertible Powder Compact

How The Stratton "Queen" Model Evolved To Be The "Queen Convertible"

The earliest Stratton Queen Convertible models were a little deeper in appearance. The interior cases were fitted with inner annular rings but these were of a different style than those fitted in the later models. They appear to cover less of the powder well.
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Rare Vintage Stratton Foil Ship Compact Mirrors

Construction Of Foil Backed Stratton "Scone" Maritime Themed Compacts

This post has been created to show the construction of the Stratton "Scone" model when it is fitted with foil backed maritime themed lid inserts.
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Houppette Pli Antique Powder Puff

History Of Houppette Pli, Advertisements, Patents & Patent Drawings

The retractable powder puffs known as Houppette Pli were patented designs attributed to Leon Svirsky and Alexandre Willk. 

The advertisement shown above depicts the Houppetti Pli and other vanities which Willk marketed.





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Vintage Stratton Brand Presentation Boxes And Puffs

Vintage Stratton Brand Presentation Boxes And Puffs

Sometimes we see listings where the merchant states that the Stratton compact is presented in the original box. On occasions these Stratton brand vanities date to the 1950s and the “original box” dates to the 1980s! 

The following information has been compiled to show the wide variety of Stratton brand presentation boxes and puffs.

However, this brand was so long lived this may not be a complete guide. 

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Deere Compacts The Reich Ash Corporation

An Illustrated History Of The Reich-Ash Corp & The Deere Compact Brand

In 1920 Leopold Reich entered into a partnership with Sidney Ash. Their company was styled as The Reich-Ash Corporation. Both men were experienced in the cosmetics industry. Ash had been employed by the Colgate Company and subsequently owned a business which we would describe as being involved in the cosmetics trade. 

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Antique Fully Hallmarked Gold Lockets

How To Fit Photos & Hair Into Antique Gold Lockets. Locket Care & Use

Including a lock of hair in an antique locket has long been a traditional way to remember a loved one. The simple design of a curled lock of hair is one of the most popular and easiest ways to present a lock of hair.
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Edwardian Fully Hallmarked Gold Lockets

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Authentic Edwardian Jewellery

This guide will show you how to guarantee that you are buying authentic Edwardian jewellery.

While other blogs deal with Edwardian style and fashion we are endeavouring to compile a guide to enable accurate dating.

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