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Victorian Alfred Ivory Solid Gold Locket

A Brief History Of Goldsmith Alfred Ivory, Cellini & Elizabethan Pattern Work

During the Victorian era the refined tastes of royalty, nobility and the well heeled expected the finest gold & silversmiths in the United Kingdom to craft superbly ornamented jewellery & silverware. These pieces are so well made and beautiful that they are still highly prized and sought-after in the 21st century. The desire for superbly ornamented pieces expressed itself in the popularity of Cellini & Elizabethan pattern work. 
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S Blanckensee & Son Ltd. Jewellers & Silversmiths

S Blanckensee & Son Ltd. Jewellers & Silversmiths

Solomon Blanckensee was born in 1801 in Filehne, Wielen, Czarnków-Trzcianka County, Poland. His father was Levin Blanckensee & his mother Julia Joseph. He had three brothers, Issac, Myer & Moses. By the time of his death in 1864 he was a highly successful jeweller. He died in the county of Warwickshire, Great Britain.
In 1826, Solomon Blanckensee founded a jewellery concern based in Bristol, England. The business proved to be highly successful and as time went by it acquired a number of other prominent jewellery firms. The size of the business and quality of the products meant that it had few others considered to be its equals.
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The Drake Jewel Queen Elizabeth I

The History of Lockets, Queen Elizabeth I Locket Ring And Queen Victoria's Lockets


This post answers these questions:

1. What is the history of the locket?

2. Why lockets are named lockets?

3. What do the symbols on a locket mean?

4. What is the difference between a locket and a pendant?

5. How can you tell if a locket is antique?

6. What is the Chequers Ring?

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Solid Gold Fully Hallmarked Antique Locket

Differences Between Solid Gold, Gold Front & Back, Rolled Gold & Plate

What are the differences between solid gold, gold front & back, gold plated, gold filled, rolled gold, gold cased, vermeil and pinchbeck?

What do the terms ormolu, parcel-gilt, bronze dore, mercury gilding, fire gilding, gold wash & fool's gold mean?

When and why was a British system of hallmarking established?

This post will answer all of these questions.




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