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A Little Known History Of Jarrett, Rainsford & Laughton ( Stratton & Co.)

In 1860 Stephen Jarrett and Charles Rainsford joined in partnership. Jarrett was a pin manufacturer and jeweller.  Rainsford was a commercial traveller. The partners took on premises at 7 Broad Street, Islington, Birmingham. The success of the venture enabled Jarrett & Rainsford to move new premises at 48 Broad Street in 1870. In 1898 the firm took on an office boy who exhibited much promise. This young man was named George A. Laughton. The partners were so impressed with him that by 1904 he was rewarded with the position of assistant manager.   

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Stratton Compact Mirrors & Heritage

              Prima Ballerina Violetta Elvin Promoting Stratton Compacts The company we know today as 'Stratton' began trading in 1860. At this time they were a knitting needle manufacturer. They marketed their first powder compact in 1923. Their compacts were imported from the USA, and given the name “Stratnoid”. Which was the same brand name as the company’s knitting needles.                                        1934 Stratnoid Advertisement Many Stratnoid accessories were made from Duralumin which was 90% aluminum & the alloy (copper, manganese & magnesium). Duralumin was first used in WWI to manufacture lightweight washers in aircraft assembly. Although all the Stratnoid...

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