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Art Deco Silver Compact Mirrors & Cigarette Cases

Hallmarked silver Art Deco powder compacts and cigarette cases are some of the most stylish to be seen. They are highly collectible and many could be said to be a good investment. We like to add to our collection of Art Deco compacts and cases and research the history of each item which we pass on to the purchaser in the form of a lavishly illustrated historical fact pack.

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Melissa & Regent Of London Powder Compacts History & Heritage

No records survive of the manufacturing concerns responsible for the Melissa & Regent of London brands of vanities. In these instances the accessories contained with the powder compacts and vanity sets enable us to build up a picture of the history of these delightful mid-century collectibles. Case construction and similarities of lid designs yield further clues. When we liaise with other collectors and specialists we can pool information.

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Rare Vintage Stratton Powder Compacts

Eleanor and I feel as though it is important to pay tribute to the makers and also say thank you to our customers, many of whom are fellow collectors. We like to create new historical fact packs for each subsequent sale, so that we are not duplicating information when the same customer purchases another piece from the same maker.  During the history of the British firm, known at this time as Stratton Co. Ltd. they were famed for acknowledging important events, most especially royal milestones, by creating vanities that honoured coronations, royal weddings and silver jubilees. This company would produce limited editions to mark very special occurrences in British history.  

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Kirby Beard & Co. Ltd.

  The founder of what would become the prestigious firm Kirby Beard Company  was William Cowther. He established this business in 1743. His son, Richard, succeeded him & went into partnership with Robert Kirby. Mr Kirby was well connected & became the Sheriff of London in 1816. By 1820 two further partners, George Beard & William Tovey joined the firm. Mr Tovey was responsible for regional sales. Probably the most important surviving industrial site in Gloucester, England, was the pin manufacturing premises of Cowcher, Kirby, Beard and Tovey known as Kirby Beard. In this region of England the pin industry has been documented from the late sixteenth century until well into the 19th century. In 1853 Kirby Beard & Co...

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L T Piver Parfumerie

                                                                                                                By the second half of the nineteenth century many dwellings contained bathing rooms. Better hygiene ensured that people were less likely to tolerate bad odours. The industrialization of the perfume industry, increased productivity and technological advances meant that perfume was no longer an exceptional luxury. The commercial availability of fine perfumes and also perfumed soaps were deemed a necessity rather than a luxury. Despite the...

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