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Gueldy was established in 1905 by Messrs. Lelaurin & Sergent. It was situated at 370 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore in Paris. Monsieur Sergent was also the founder of another concern which manufactured affordable perfumes and cosmetics. This brand was known as Sergy. The business was very successful & the Gueldy brand was highly regarded. In 1925 Gueldy attained the highest accolade possible, winning the gold medal at the 1925 Paris Exhibition. Naturally this fabulous scent and its associated products were sought-after all over the world. 

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L T Piver Parfumerie

                                                                                                                By the second half of the nineteenth century many dwellings contained bathing rooms. Better hygiene ensured that people were less likely to tolerate bad odours. The industrialization of the perfume industry, increased productivity and technological advances meant that perfume was no longer an exceptional luxury. The commercial availability of fine perfumes and also perfumed soaps were deemed a necessity rather than a luxury. Despite the...

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Historical Information About The Pygmalion Brand

Research carried out by powder compact specialist Juliette Edwards reveals that the Pygmalion name was owned by British company S. D. Rand Ltd., which was based in London. The name was registered 'for cosmetic boxes' by Salo David Rand in 1942. S. D. Rand Ltd was incorporated in 1949. Advertisements featuring Pygmalion products appear to cease in the mid 1950s, making it a very short-lived company. Whilst Rand applied for patents covering various well-known Pygmalion compacts the company's focus was on designing, importing and selling compacts, rather than manufacturing them. The 'Globe' is included in a Pygmalion/Rand advertisement of February 1951 which was headlined 'Latest Pygmalion Creations'. Others in this series featured various patterns on their metal exteriors. This version...

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Stratton & Wedgwood - A Short History

                                                                                                                    The collaboration of Laughton & Sons (the owners of Stratton accessories) & Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd was one that worked so well for commemorative collectibles made especially to mark royal celebrations & also when producing good quality vanities. The company was founded on 1st May by Josiah Wedgwood (12 July 1730—3 January 1795). He was the grandfather of Charles Darwin. Josiah...

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The Difference Between Vermeil & Gold Plating

In the mid-18th century the process of fire-gilding was developed in France. Later on it was discovered that workers involved in this work became blind due to their exposure to mercury which was used in the process & it was banned. In modern times electrolysis is used to bond the gold. This method is safe. Vermeil jewellery has been popular since the 19th century & it has gained great popularity as it makes gold collectibles more affordable. Often there is confusion about vermeil (ver-mey) & gold plated items. When a piece is said to be vermeil it can only have a sterling silver base. Gold plated items may have a base coat of metal, for example you can apply a...

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