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Yardley Compact Mirrors History & Heritage

Yardley is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world. It is said to date to a time earlier than the Great Fire of London (1666). Although this statement can not be proved, there is no doubt that the company was established a little before 1770 by Samuel Cleaver. On the death of Samuel Cleaver in 1805 in his wife and four sons inherited the business. They traded under the name of Cleaver Brothers. Notices declaring bankruptcy were issued against the four brothers in 1813.  William Cleaver managed to obtain the wherewithal to keep the business afloat as William Cleaver & Company until 1823, when he was again declared bankrupt. WilliamYardley, who was related by marriage, to the Cleaver family...

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Potter & Moore Vintage Compacts Heritage & History

Ephraim Potter and William Moore were born in the late eighteenth century. Both of them grew up in Mitcham, Southern England.  In 1749 they founded Potter & Moore. The business was a natural progression to profit from their talents and knowledge of physic gardening. The business partners used natural ingredients to create beauty and bath products. Such was their attention to detail and insistence that only the finest ingredients were used to create their wares that these products became hugely popular.  

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Kigu Compacts & Heritage

The name of Kigu originates from the first two letters of the surname and forename of its founder, Gustav Kiashek. Gustav was of Hungarian origin and he was the son of the master goldsmith, Josef Kiashek. He produced compacts from his workshop in Budapest. Gustav raised three sons, Charles, Paul and George. Charles was a New York based goldsmith. George moved to London in 1939, where he founded Kigu of London. After WWII Paul joined George. In 1977 on George’s passing, his son, David, joined the family firm after completing his university education. Kigu Ltd. were manufacturers of jewellery, accessories and vanities.The pride of producing high quality vanities is shown in their wide variety of styles. In the early 1980s the...

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Art Deco Silver Compact Mirrors & Cigarette Cases

Hallmarked silver Art Deco powder compacts and cigarette cases are some of the most stylish to be seen. They are highly collectible and many could be said to be a good investment. We like to add to our collection of Art Deco compacts and cases and research the history of each item which we pass on to the purchaser in the form of a lavishly illustrated historical fact pack.

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Melissa & Regent Of London Powder Compacts History & Heritage

No records survive of the manufacturing concerns responsible for the Melissa & Regent of London brands of vanities. In these instances the accessories contained with the powder compacts and vanity sets enable us to build up a picture of the history of these delightful mid-century collectibles. Case construction and similarities of lid designs yield further clues. When we liaise with other collectors and specialists we can pool information.

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