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Stratton Compacts: Why Are many Of The 1950s Models So Rare?

Without doubt Stratton were the most successful brand of British powder compact. The quality of their enamel was clearly superior to the other British brands at the time. Vintage Stratton accessories are highly collectible today and many have proved to be a good investment. With thanks to the material written by Juliette Edwards in her book The Stratton Key, collectors can say for certain what model is rare, uncommon & common. Coupled with known years of availability it is possible to build a big picture of exactly how rare an item is. For example the Stratton ‘Queen with complete inner lid’ is very rare only known to be available in 1957 & 1958. That is the model itself, then you...

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Walker & Hall Heritage & Sterling Silver Guide

The silversmiths Walker & Hall were a very successful & well established firm in Sheffield, Yorkshire in England. Sheffield was a place in England renown for its steel making & it follows that Walker & Hall also specialized in electro-plating & gilding too. The company was established in 1845 & was believed to have been known as Walker and Co. (of Sheffield). By 1894 this large concern was known to have around 1,500 employees. When electroplating was invented in 1843 Henry Hall financed George Walker. Walker & Hall stated that it was their firm that electroplated ‘the first useful articles’ in Britain. George Walker was a very able man who displayed great technical skills. He studied chemistry under Dr Branson....

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The History Of The Art Deco Movement

One of the most stylish design movements ever & it all began at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratif in Paris, 1925. This exhibition is probably the most famous World’s Fair & it ran from April to October 1925. Inventors, architects, artists, fashion designers & artisans came together to change to way design was perceived. From 1820 to 1890 French design was dominated by what can be described best as ‘eclecticism’ an infusion of influences of all the 19th century styles from the Neo-classical forms to the florid, extravagant styles which culminated in the Art Nouveau Spectacular Naturalism where nature & art make you almost forget the materials used like the door at La Maison Laviroette, 29 Avenue Rapp, 7th...

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Elgin American (Illinois Watchcase) Accessories & History

The company was established in Chicago in 1886 and, within a few years, moved to Elgin, IL. Max and Solomon Eppenstein continued to make cases as The Illinois Watchcase Company until the 1940s. Max and Solomon Eppenstein founded the company in 1886. A few years later after producing about 20,000 cases the firm was lured to Elgin by the offer to assist with a building and by the land upon which to build it. The Illinois Watch Case Co. was a reputable company standing behind all of its guarantees.  It continued to make cases at least as late as the 1940s. The patent for the method of making a thickened reinforced portion in a relatively thin metal plate was awarded...

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Bourjois Powder Compacts & Heritage

In 1863 the cosmetic firm Bourjois was established on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district.   During this era France was the world's second leading economic power. The famous actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin prepared perfumes and makeup for his fellow actors. Initially these formulations were created in his own home. Some of the first products were waxy makeup crayons especially made for actors. Memorable names of his creations are “Jealous“ &  “Lovesick“. As he became more proficient at cosmetology people sang his praises and the demand grew far beyond that of actors. The tagline “ Supplier for the Theatre “ was replaced by “Special Manufacturer of Products for Feminine Beauty.“ In 1868 Monsieur Ponsin engaged Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois to...

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