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Deere Compacts The Reich Ash Corporation

An Illustrated History Of The Reich-Ash Corp & The Deere Compact Brand

In 1920 Leopold Reich entered into a partnership with Sidney Ash. Their company was styled as The Reich-Ash Corporation. Both men were experienced in the cosmetics industry. Ash had been employed by the Colgate Company and subsequently owned a business which we would describe as being involved in the cosmetics trade. 

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William Colgate Colgate & Co. U.S.A.

Colgate History Patents And Illustrated Timeline

In 1806 William Colgate founded his business in New York. The warehouse premises were located at 6 Dutch Street, NY. The firm was involved in the manufacturing of soap and candles. It may seem a little strange to us but their range of soap included brown soap, as well as pale coloured soap. They also offered fancy soaps which were fashioned into unusual shapes.  

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