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History Of The Wax Seal, Ciphers & Fobs

History Of The Wax Seal, Ciphers & Fobs

Seals have been used since ancient times to seal goods and important communications. Seals were used as early as the seventh millennium B.C. to stamp impressions in clay.  In the fourth millennium B.C. carved cylinders that could be rolled over clay were being used in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia included parts of modern day Iran, Syria & Turkey. The cylinder seals were used to create frieze-like designs on clay.
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The Drake Jewel Queen Elizabeth I

The History of Lockets, Queen Elizabeth I Locket Ring And Queen Victoria's Lockets


This post answers these questions:

1. What is the history of the locket?

2. Why lockets are named lockets?

3. What do the symbols on a locket mean?

4. What is the difference between a locket and a pendant?

5. How can you tell if a locket is antique?

6. What is the Chequers Ring?

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