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About Silversmiths Garrard & Co

  The company that was to become Garrard was founded by George Wickes , who lived 1698–1761. He entered his mark in the Goldsmiths' Hall in 1722. He had set up business in Threadneedle Street in London in 1722; the company moved to Panton Street off Haymarket in London in 1735 as a goldsmith and provider of jewellery and other luxury items to aristocratic patrons. He was a very accomplished silversmith well known for his work in the rococo style, and gained the patronage of the then Prince of Wales. His two apprentices of John Parker and Edward Wakelin, purchased the company following Wickes’ retirement in 1760, replaced by John Wakelin and William Taylor in 1776. After the death of...

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About Mappin & Webb Antiques

In 1775 Jonathan Mappin started a small cutlery workshop in Sheffield. Within a year the first Mappin hallmark was recorded at the assay office. In 1780 Jonathan Mappin was given the Freedom of the Cutlers Company. As you can see from the image above this became a hugely successful concern. The company expanded internationally and received royal commissions from all over the world. The monarchs were so impressed by the excellence of the goods produced royal warrants followed. The name of this enterprise became synonymous with excellence and symbolizing the best of British. Joseph, Jonathan’s son, followed him into the business. Joseph’s grandson, also called Joseph. But it was his four great grandsons, who incorporated the business as Mappin Brothers...

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Extremely rare sterling silver musical Kigu powder box

A couple of years ago I was 'speaking' by email to David Kiashek, who is a descendant of the founder of the world famous Kigu vanities. He told me when Kigu made the solid silver musical powder boxes they only made between 12 - 18 of each model. Which means they were rare when they were first produced. Now fifty plus years later you will be extremely fortunate to see one come up for sale. In our shop we have one! Not only does it play splendidly but it also comes in the original box, with the original accessories too - signed puff, sifter and leaflets. It is fully hallmarked in multiple places. The whole vanity (except the mirror and...

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How to date your vintage Stratton powder compact.

                                             Eleanor & I made a video for people who wished to date their vintage Stratton powder compacts. In 1997 the Company that made the Stratton powder compacts was sold & they ceased to be British made. Many collectors like only to collect antique or vintage powder compacts & so it is essential that we can date our purchases. Today Stratton compacts are still being made but they are not vintage compacts & there is a lot of confusion about what is & is NOT a vintage Stratton. Vintage Stratton powder compacts are sought after because these British made...

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