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                                                                                                                                                        Gueldy was established in 1905 by Messrs. Lelaurin & Sergent. It was situated at 370 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore in Paris. Monsieur Sergent was also the founder of another concern which manufactured affordable perfumes and cosmetics. This brand was known as Sergy. The business was very successful & the Gueldy brand was highly regarded. In 1925 Gueldy attained the highest accolade possible, winning the gold medal at the 1925 Paris Exhibition. Naturally this fabulous scent and its associated products were sought-after all over the world. Expansion to the United States was a natural progression as the clamour for this luxury perfume grew. The Gueldy subsidiary was located at 21 East 40th St. New York. In 1913 the company was acquired by P. Thibaud et Cie. The Gueldy range was not just confined to products for ladies. Gueldy Bal des Fleurs Brilliantine was a hair-grooming product which was used to soften men's hair, particularly their beards and moustaches. The application of this formula was said to give it a glossy, easy to manage and well-groomed appearance.  Brilliantine was said to be invented in the early twentieth century by French perfumer Edouard Pinaud. Brillantine takes its name from the French brillant meaning "brilliant". The first brilliantines consisted of a perfumed and colored oily liquid.

Bal des Fleurs was launched by Gueldy in 1929.

Baccarat played a very important role in the art of perfume bottle manufacturing and certainly art is the correct description. They were the first crystalworks in France to begin manufacturing bottles. Even from the beginning the superiority of their work ensured that the very best of French perfume houses commissioned them to produce glassware worthy of its very special and sought-after contents. As early as the 1860s Baccarat was the supplier to perfumers such as E. Pinaud, L.T. Piver, and Gellé Frères.Perfume bottle manufacture formed a major part of the business. In 1897 Baccarat’s output was 150 bottles a day. By 1907 this had risen 4,000 bottles produced per day. Many of which were of exceptional quality.

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