Our Favourite Vintage Mesh Purses

Our Favourite Vintage Mesh Purses

Here at The Vintage Compact Shop we are probably best known for our fine collection of compact mirrors & handbag compacts. What you may not know is that we also have a wide variety of vintage handbags and purses in our collection as well. We are big fans of fine mesh purses as well as enamel and French chatelaine coin purses.
We hope you enjoy the selection highlighted below.


Chatelaine Purse From The Early 1900s - French In Origin

Remarkably this little antique purse is in superb condition with none of the links being damaged, broken or missing. We think this would be the most wonderful Christmas present due to the frequent decoration of mistletoe engraved delicately around the frame of the item.

Rare French Sterling Silver Mesh Bag

A fine fully hallmarked sterling silver bag of French origin. The hallmarked mesh wrist strap has a hallmarked buckle at the top & the strap can be adjusted easily. The frame is decorated to symbolize immortality with Acanthus leaves displayed on both sides. It is highly unusual to find such a heavy sterling silver bag of this form. Most of the time the tassels are damaged to some degree. This is an exceptional antique.


Incredibly the gorgeous enamel that adorns this bag is still very vibrant. Both sides are in equally as good condition with no fading. These bags were designed to look just like a water colour paintings. These bags are literally a work of art based on some of the classics in iconic fine art!


Goldtone Whiting & Davis Mesh Bag

The lining of this glittering goldtone purse is in good condition. The famous Whiting & Davis label is still in place sewn into the lining proving that this is a genuine article from their brand. The official Whiting & Davis stamp on both sides of the frame clearly visible as well. For convenience, there is also a pocket sewn into the lining too. A lovely vintage bag that would enhance any outfit.


An outstandingly Flapper bag. The frame & chain handle are gilded. There is no loss of colour from the enamel at all & the frame is in remarkable condition. On both sides of the frame the pink & yellow enamel is gorgeous & without damage. The embossed enamel details on the frame are stylized flowers. The fastening catch is set with two striking gem cabochons.

Fine Enamel & Gilt Sterling Silver Luxury Vintage Flapper Bag

An authentic luxury flapper bag of the finest quality in excellent condition. It is an exquisitely beautiful antique sterling silver and gilt piece. The gilding is far more golden than these images depict. The lid is decorated with guilloche enamel that is in exceptional condition. The enamel is decorated with hand painted pink roses & forget-me-nots. We have never found a bag in such incredible condition as this Ripley & Gowan purse so it takes the top spot in this round-up as well as our collection!

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