Walker & Hall Heritage & Sterling Silver Guide

Walker & Hall Heritage & Sterling Silver Guide

walker and hall

The silversmiths Walker & Hall were a very successful & well established firm in Sheffield, Yorkshire in England. Sheffield was a place in England renown for its steel making & it follows that Walker & Hall also specialized in electro-plating & gilding too.

The company was established in 1845 & was believed to have been known as Walker and Co. (of Sheffield). By 1894 this large concern was known to have around 1,500 employees. When electroplating was invented in 1843 Henry Hall financed George Walker. Walker & Hall stated that it was their firm that electroplated ‘the first useful articles’ in Britain.

George Walker was a very able man who displayed great technical skills. He studied chemistry under Dr Branson. Henry Hall was a businessman & solicitor from Worcester.

Henry Hall married Ann Bingham in 1856 her sixteen year old nephew joined the firm. At this time there were only nineteen employees. John’s younger brother, Charles, also came to work at the firm, eventually becoming a partner.
It was John Bingham (Sir John Bingham) who made Walker & Hall world class. He was known to have been a ‘showman’. Flamboyant, he would talk of ‘thousands of hands’ working at the Electro Works situated at Howard Street in Sheffield. People took ‘hands’ to mean the work force.
It was not strictly a lie as each worker had two hands! One of the reasons for this firm’s great success was that they cut out the need for a ‘middleman’ & set up their own showrooms on site.
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