What Should You Buy For The 25th Anniversary?

What Should You Buy For The 25th Anniversary?

The answer is silver! Some people interpret this to be a gift which is the colour silver but the recipient is likely to know that a gift made from solid silver is given to mark the 25th (silver) anniversary. Imagine a wife receiving a gift from her husband after a quarter of a century of matrimony to discover that it is silver coloured instead of hallmarked silver! English hallmarked silver (sterling silver) is the natural choice of many people wishing to source authentic antiques, as it is hallmarked with the maker's mark, composition, place of assay and the date year.

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English silver hallmarks leave nothing to chance and even allow the purchaser to find pieces with the date year of the wedding.





The are also many different styles to consider.  Is the recipient fond of Art Nouveau antiques?





Or would the angular geometric features of an Art Deco piece be appreciated much more? The gift does not have to be purely decorative. Many antique silver collectibles are functional, for example powder compacts and business card cases. Ladies often wear face powder and so portable vanities make ideal 25th anniversary gifts. Retrieving a business card from a stylish sterling silver card case makes a good impression. A gift that is often used will also seem to be much more of a thoughtful present and keep the person who gifted the accessory in the uppermost thoughts of the recipient.