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The name of Kigu originates from the first two letters of the surname and forename of its founder Gustav Kiashek. Gustav was of Hungarian origin and was the son of the master goldsmith Josef Kiashek. He produced compacts from his workshop in Budapest.

At the end of World War II, Gustav’s son, George founded Kigu of London after having spent the war years in the United Kingdom. The pride of producing high quality items is shown in their wide variety of styles. Kigu compacts were formed 1947.

In the late 1970s the compact manufacturer (A S Brown) & owner of the brand Mascot bought out Kigu, then Laughton & Sons (owners of the Stratton brand) bought the Mascot brand.

Kigu powder compacts are famed throughout the world for their beauty & durability. Back in the day they were given as gifts on special occasions. For example a young lady’s twenty first birthday, a wedding gift. They were considered as expensive gifts that were costly to produce and made by artisans with a high level of skill.

Essentially they are considered to be an item of jewellery / jewelry as well as a practical accessory. In the days when ladies powdered their noses every handbag had to house a powder compact.

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