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Historical Information About The Pygmalion Brand

Research carried out by powder compact specialist Juliette Edwards reveals that the Pygmalion name was owned by British company S. D. Rand Ltd., which was based in London. The name was registered 'for cosmetic boxes' by Salo David Rand in 1942.

S. D. Rand Ltd was incorporated in 1949. Advertisements featuring Pygmalion products appear to cease in the mid 1950s, making it a very short-lived company. Whilst Rand applied for patents covering various well-known Pygmalion compacts the company's focus was on designing, importing and selling compacts, rather than manufacturing them.

The 'Globe' is included in a Pygmalion/Rand advertisement of February 1951 which was headlined 'Latest Pygmalion Creations'. Others in this series featured various patterns on their metal exteriors. This version is embellished with an impressed map of the world.

Mr Rand purchased part finished vanities mostly from England but also from Germany too.

This London based company was not in business for long. It is known they were finishing & selling compacts in the 1940s & 1950s. In the 1950s they regularly bought novelty compacts made by the owners of Mascot compacts, A. S. Brown & Co. Ltd.

In the 1950s the most well known of these being the highly collectible novelty powder compacts in the shape of a handbag or suitcase.

S.D. Rand Limited was registered on 25 March 1949 of Regent Street, London but is now dissolved under Company Number 00466244.