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Elgin American (Illinois Watchcase) Accessories & History

Elgin American

The company was established in Chicago in 1886 and, within a few years, moved to Elgin, IL. Max and Solomon Eppenstein continued to make cases as The Illinois Watchcase Company until the 1940s.

Max and Solomon Eppenstein founded the company in 1886. A few years later after producing about 20,000 cases the firm was lured to Elgin by the offer to assist with a building and by the land upon which to build it.

The Illinois Watch Case Co. was a reputable company standing behind all of its guarantees.  It continued to make cases at least as late as the 1940s. The patent for the method of making a thickened reinforced portion in a relatively thin metal plate was awarded in June of 1952 to David M. King the assignor to the company.

A great company with such a wonderful reputation for quality accessories.

In adverts of their cases as stocked by retailers other case companies placed their names, such as "Wadsworth," and "Dueber” as well as many others at that time.

The Illinois Watch Case Co. placed the name "Elgin” to distinguish themselves.

An ad dating 1895 detailing watch cases serves as an example of the overwhelming use of the brand  name "Elgin." For some reason their company name was changed back to the Illinois Watch Case Co. in 1893.

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