The History of Evans Case Company

The History of Evans Case Company

The Evans Case Company of North Attleboro, MA was a huge concern making accessories in America. Manufacturing between 1920 and 1960. Colonel Obed Robinson who was a skilled blacksmith & clock maker began a jewellery / jewelry business in Attleboro in 1807. The 1812 war meant that soldiers needed buttons & so production was changed to suit this purpose.

The Colonel & his son, Otis, are credited with starting America’s first button making concern. As you can imagine button making was a very necessary business & their firm became a huge thriving business & the area was at one time named Robinsonville.

In 1848 Daniel Evans purchased the business then known as R & W Robinson.

It was still a button making company & Mr Evans renamed the company D Evans & Co. His son Edwin followed him into business, however many other companies were also producing buttons & demand for the firm’s wares declined.

The company needed to produce other items to remain viable & this it did. A ‘Novelty Department’ creating picture frames & neck chains for American soldiers dog tags was set up & Alfred Reilly was hired by the company to run this new department. 

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