Vintage Compact And Lipstick Case Rare Vintage Coty Vanity Set


Rare vintage Coty vanity case travel case luxury carryall.

This is just delightful. Much of the set is in mint condition. It consists of a beautiful leather carry all / vanity case which has no signs of use at all. The case is signed " COTY " on the inside. The metal catch at the front pulls down easily to reveal these contents:

1. A rouge pot in mint condition with the original puff (mint) signed " Coty " & the protective paper insert - gorgeous! This case has the red Coty logo mounted on the lid " Air Spun " The mirror is perfect & it is surrounded by a pretty gold tone bezel. The base is signed " Coty 'Air Spun ' ' SUB DEB ' MEDIUM " The term sub deb we believe refers to young debutants & medium is the shade of rouge.

2. The powder box is also in mint condition with the original seal still in tact & also the paper leaflet advertising Coty  perfumes & face powders in French & English - a wonderful piece of vintage vanity history. The lid & sides show the famous Lalique design of powder puffs on an orange background. The base signed " COTY POUDRE DE  BEAUTE L'AIMANT SOLEIL D'OR........."

3. The puff for this powder is in mint condition too.

4. The packet of tissues in in mint condition never having been removed from the sealed packet. It is signed " CLEANSING TISSUE COTY."

5. The pot of Liquefying Cleansing Lotion is in mint condition with the original waxed paper insert still in place. The front is signed " COTY liquefying Cleansing Cream " the label on the back reads " LIQUEFYING CLEANSING CREAM  A light cream which liquefies instantly and removes accumulations of dust, makeup and excess oil - apply lightly with fingers using upward and outward strokes - wipe off gently with cleansing tissues - follow with pad of cotton dampened with Skin Tonic. "

6. The bottle of Foundation Lotion is in mint condition too. Very pretty with an orange ribbon. It is signed " COTY -   Foundation Lotion powder base " the label on the back gives tips about skin care.

7. The lipstick is Heavenly - just superb unused and gorgeous! Please see photo three for a close-up. It has the   most beautiful design. It is in perfect working order - a luxurious twist up case with glamorous deep red lipstick. The top has the Coty Art Deco red circle design, the case is signed " COTY " & the base is also marked " 'SUB-  DEB ' BRIGHT "

8. The pot of tissue cream is in good order. I am not sure if it has ever been used. It is perfect except for a tiny bit of  the label at the front being a shade creased at the bottom left hand corner - very minor. The label is signed   " COTY Tissue Cream. "

9. The bottle of Skin Tonic is in mint condition although much of the liquid has gone - about 1 cm is remaining. It is pretty & it also has an orange ribbon in place. The label on the front is signed  " COTY Skin Tonic REFRESHING LOTION " The label on the back gives tips on how to use the lotion & it is signed " COTY - NEW YORK "

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a top notch vanity case that is in the finest condition. A serious collector's piece.

The case measures: 7 3/4 " X almost 4"

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