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This is an amazing 1960s Stratton "Rondette" powder compact with beautiful enamel showing R.M.S. Queen Mary at sea in magnificent detail. No wonder vintage Stratton accessories are so sought-after.
A superb compact of great quality that has been kept in the original pouch to ensure 
its remarkable condition. Such a wonderful find! The original sifter is in place too.
All clasps & hinges work well. The mirror is excellent & gives a perfect reflection. The mirror bezel is signed "STRATTON MADE IN ENGLAND". The inner lid
is beautiful & signed "Stratton". It is decorated with the "Compact-in-Hand" logo - a mechanism patented by Stratton. A self-opening inner lid which works perfectly every time the mirror is tilted back slightly.
The base is decorated with the star design & signed 'Stratton MADE IN ENGLAND.'

This fabulous vintage compact measures almost 3".