Antique silver cigarette cases NUDES Charles Murat cased cigarette and vesta cases antique silver gifts


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This set was originally retailed by the notable jeweller / jeweler, horologist & goldsmith J. Hamon from their store situated at 55 Rue de Siam in the sea port of Brest and so the subject matter for these smoking accessories is appropriate.

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Such a remarkable set, even more so as it as never been used. This superb cigarette case and matching vesta case have been stored in the original presentation case since the late 1800s.

The cigarette & vesta cases are of the highest quality and made by the master silversmith Charles Murat and remarkably they are in NOS ( new old stock ) condition. The lids and bases match perfectly and show a superbly sculpted nude frolicking in the waves. The perfect female form following the arc of the wave. Her lithe athletic physique, prepossessing face, even her fingers and toes superbly executed............rather than erotic, this is a celebration of female beauty. The wave and sea foam protecting her modesty to a certain extent. Above her are two sea gulls. The finish on the both cases is proof of the superiority of the artist - Murat has rendered the sterling silver to remove all reflective properties. No fingerprints will ever spoil the appearance of these cases. The backs are adorned with a magnificent fish breaching the surface, surrounded by sea foam, enveloped by a wave. Flying above and beyond seagulls. Both cases are fully hallmarked and bear the maker's mark of Charles Murat. All clasps and hinges work perfectly, including those on the original presentation case. After marveling at the finely executed exterior cases the interior cases surprise and delight and confirm the unused status of these accessories. The rich vermeil interiors showing the repoussage are superb. The cigarette case has the original gold elastic straps. 

The original presentation case too is marvelous, the whole of it clad in green brushed velvet, with no loss of velvet. The interior lid lined with cream silk and in black " J. Hamon ORFEVRE 55.Rue de Siam Brest ". The green velvet lining the interior base of the presentation case so gorgeous and looking like the most beautiful moss you have ever seen.

Wondrous treasure for the most discerning collector!

This cigarette case measures 8.2 cm x 5.7 cm & weighs 70.2.The vesta case measures 4.6 cm x 3.2 cm & weighs 23.9 grams.