Which Compact Mirrors Fit Max Factor Creme Puff / Rimmel Stay Matte?

Which Compact Mirrors Fit Max Factor Creme Puff / Rimmel Stay Matte?

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Which Compact Mirrors Fit Max Factor Creme Puff / Rimmel Stay Matte? We stock compacts that fit Max Factor Creme Puff  and Rimmel Stay Matte at  The Vintage Compact Shop.  This is a guide to help you find a beautiful vintage powder compact to hold your favourite face powder, whether it is Max Factor, Rimmel, CCUK Constance Carroll, Miss Beauty or Estee Lauder Lucidity. These brands will fit many vintage powder compacts. All the above brands have pans of powder that measure 67 mm diameter, which is the size of the powder wells in many powder compacts made in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and newer models also. So it is logical to assume that they will fit vintage compact mirrors. But which ones? This is what we tell you in this blog post. 

To understand which compacts are suitable for the above mentioned pressed powder you only have to look at the construction of the vintage compact mirror and to know the diameter of the powder well. Once you know, it is easy to see which vintage compact mirrors are suitable for compressed face powder. These are compact mirrors which do not have full inner lids. Just in case you do not understand what this means the image below shows a vintage powder compact with a full inner lid. All compact mirrors with full inner lids were made only for loose face powder or as handbag mirrors.




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During the early 1950s most of the major specialist manufacturers of powder compacts began to understand that the new formulations of compressed face powders were gaining popularity. They had become more natural looking, easy to use and did not spill. So they set about producing compact mirrors that could hold compressed face powder, as well as loose face powder. These were named convertible compacts. In terms of vanities, convertible means that they could hold both loose and compressed face powder. The makers of Stratton named their ranges and included the affix of convertible to the names to show customers which models were suitable. Other makers followed suit.

So today we know that the Stratton models listed below are suitable for Max Factor Creme Puff, Rimmel Stay Matte and the other brands named in the first paragraph. 

1. 'Convertible.'*

2. 'Slim Convertible.'*

3. 'Queen Convertible.'* 

4. 'Mini-Convertible.'

5. '10-Sided Convertible.'*

6. 'Fob Convertible.'*

7. 'Shell Convertible.'

8. 'Cushion Convertible.'

All the above Stratton compacts can be used with standard pans of face powder which have a diameter of 67 mm. Those marked with an asterisk are fitted with an inner annular ring which means that they can hold pans of face powder measuring between 59 - 67 mm diameter. If the compact mirrors listed from 1 - 8 still have the original sifter (gauze) they can also be used with loose face powder as well.  




Other Stratton models were made only for compressed powder. These are the 'Cachette' and the 'Diamond-Shaped Glamorizer'.


Kigu, Melissa, Mascot, Margaret Rose, Yardley and Boots are some of the other brands that can all hold compressed face powder. As we are specialists and collectors, every one of our listings will state what type of face powder can be used in each compact.

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How to fill your vintage compact with pressed face powder

If your vintage powder compact has a powder well with a 67 mm inside diameter it will hold Max Faxtor Creme Puff and the other face powders listed in this blog. Creme Puff is still the same size that it was in 1953 and so it is ideal for many vintage compact mirrors. As well as the excellent formulation which makes it easy to use and natural looking, it is not attached to the plastic case with glue, which makes it easier to install in your stylish vintage powder compact. Remove the outer plastic case and insert the metal pan containing the powder. If your compact still retains the sifter gauze please remove this before inserting the pans of powder. Constance Carroll CCUK and Rimmel Stay Matte glue the metal pans of powder to the plastic case and so they have to be prised out with a nail file or similar implement.





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