How to date your vintage Stratton powder compact.

How to date your vintage Stratton powder compact.




Eleanor & I made a video for people who wished to date their vintage Stratton powder compacts.

In 1997 the Company that made the Stratton powder compacts was sold & they ceased to be British made. Many collectors like only to collect antique or vintage powder compacts & so it is essential that we can date our purchases. Today Stratton compacts are still being made but they are not vintage compacts & there is a lot of confusion about what is & is not a vintage Stratton. Vintage Stratton powder compacts are sought after because these British made vanities were made to extremely high standards. For example: Stratton were famed for the quality of their enamel decorations.

The vast vintage Stratton archive has been documented by a wonderful lady called Juliette Edwards. Juliette Edwards is rightly considered to be THE vintage Stratton expert & we are grateful to her for releasing this information in her very informative book " The Stratton Identification Key ".

We are happy to work with museum curators & journalists who wish to feature vanities & collectibles. However, we do not offer a free valuation, dating or identification service to members of the public regarding their own collections etc. 

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