Vintage jewellery solid silver charm bracelet 1970s


This is a beautiful wedding and travel themed fully hallmarked sterling silver charm bracelet. A traditional 1970s good quality twisted curb bracelet with the padlock heart clasp. Each of the charms have been chosen for either their symbolism regarding the marriage and married life or to represent the places the original owner chose to travel to and as a talisman to bring the wearer good luck

The charms are vintage English sterling silver and much more detailed than modern charms. The bracelet is larger than the standard size - measuring 20.5 cm / over 8 inches when closed. The curb height is 6 mm. 
The heart padlock is hallmarked " W J S ( maker's mark ), lion passant (sterling silver) leopard's head (London assayed), r ( 1972 )" on the back. The bracelet is further engraved " SILVER ". As you can see the clasp is the traditional heart shaped in the style of a padlock. Charm bracelets were often added to during the life of the owner to mark weddings, births, deaths, where people went on holidays & memorable events. Charms have a long history and are considered to bring the wearer good fortune.

This vintage charm bracelet is wedding and also travel themed making it highly collectible. 

All clasps and hinges work perfectly.
The charms are all sterling silver and are in excellent condition.

They are shown as follows:
A 3D engagement and wedding ring.
A St. Christopher disk charm (patron saint of travelers) which is bears the maker's mark on the back "GJLD".
A 3D Nuvo opening hinged charm of a church. The church opens to reveal the bride and groom at the alter with the vicar before them. The charm is very detailed - the roof tiles, stonework, windows and door all perfect in every detail. There is even a tiny clock on on the church tower with the hands showing almost quarter to one in the afternoon. The base of this charm is engraved "NUVO SILVER" and there is a mark of the cross.
A 3D church bell complete with the clapper inside.
The first travel charm which could indicate where the honeymoon took place - a Canadian Mountie. This charm still has the original smart black enamel on the horse and red on the Mountie's jacket.
A very detailed 3D replica of one of Queen Elizabeth II crowns - representing Great Britain.
An enamel blue and white shield charm showing the Herne Bay coat of arms engraved "SILVER" on the back.
A charm to celebrate the her 18th birthday.
A triple charm - the first one is a cross inscribed "FAITH", an anchor inscribed "HOPE" and a heart engraved with swirls on both sides and the word "CHARITY".
A vibrant red and royal blue enamel shield charm showing the Dorset coat of arms. The back of the charm has the maker's mark "D&F SILVER".
A maple leaf charm representing Canada. The back of the charm is engraved "SIL".
An engraved knife, fork and spoon set with a disk engraved "GUARANTEED HOME WARE".
A 3D elephant - symbolizing good luck.
An glorious yellow enamel map charm of Jersey." The charm is stamped "STERLING SILVER" on the back.
A 3D spinner charm which states "GOOD LUCK".
A 3D weaving loom which is made from gilded sterling silver. Certainly knitting and dress making were part of family life in Great Britain in the 1970s.
A 2D duck. Ducks symbolizes a happy marriage and fidelity.
A 3D woodpecker on a tree. Woodpeckers are symbols of wealth, good luck and happiness.
A 2D charm with two hearts and an arrow.

This is such a charming and romantic vintage gift.

The charm bracelet is larger than standard, measuring over 8 inches when closed and weighs 34.5 grams.

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