Win A Vintage Solid Silver Compact In Our Giveaway

Win A Vintage Solid Silver Compact In Our Giveaway

With each purchase from The Vintage Compact Shop we include a historical fact pack. Each item is shipped with a lavishly illustrated guide which gives a full history of the heritage of each piece.

We are offering you the chance to win a sterling silver and niello powder compact. The compact dates to the 1940s and it was made during a time when British servicemen were stationed in the Middle East.

Traditionally these silver pieces were hand carved & the niello was created by baking 50% sulphur, copper, silver & lead which forms the black enamel like coating on this silver compact. These materials would be heated to very high temperatures to form a coating for the silver. The items would then be engraved again.

Nielloware was particularly popular in the 13th & 15th centuries but very few pieces from these times survive. The process to produce nielloware is quite demanding as you can imagine.

This beautiful mid-century accessory is adorned with bright-cut engraving. It is decorated with two niello borders, one is diamond shaped and it frames the scene of a waterfront settlement.

The buildings & palm trees are minutely detailed & the whole compact is in good condition.

Around the bright-cut decoration a third niello border completes the composition perfectly. All clasps & hinges work perfectly. The base features two niello dhows sailing and in the background a landscape dotted with palm trees. This solid silver compact mirror measures 2 1/2" & weighs 75.6 grams.

Enter below for a chance to win this unique prize.

Gemma C. won this competition. Our Facebook page post on 24 September 2018 shows Gemma celebrating her win.

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Danielle Boyd

wow so lovely ant timeless

Danielle Boyd

lovely compact

Danielle Boyd

Such a gorgeous piece of beauty silverware 🍀

Danielle Boyd


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