How To Fix Broken Compact Powder

How To Fix Broken Compact Powder

Have you ever dropped your favourite powder foundation, eye shadow, bronzer or blusher? Now you can fix this easily by using a little rubbing alcohol, otherwise known as surgical spirit. 

Our step by step guide below will show you just how easy it is to restore your favourite face powder back to it's former glory.


                       Step One: Put the broken makeup in a plastic pot

         Step Two: Crush the makeup into a fine powder by using the rounded end of a makeup brush.


Step Three: Pour in a few drops of rubbing alcohol (also known as surgical spirit) until its absorbed. Start with a small amount depending on how much powder you have and mix together the powder and the alcohol with the end of the makeup brush you used in the previous step.

This is what the mixture should look like at this stage:

    Step Five: Smear the paste in the original metal powder pan and leave the mixture to set overnight. Don't worry that the mixture appears darker as when the alcohol evaporates it will go to the original shade you started with.

 The Finished Result: Now your powder pan is ready to store in your favourite vintage compact to protect your powder from any future knocks or bumps.


The example compact we've used in this tutorial is an unused vintage Stratton 'Cachette' powder compact.

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